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We are more than words can describe

I`m Linh with lots of passions and curiosity - most of all, for people and life. I am a female visionary, qualified coach with corporate experience, and multi-cultural @vietnamwellbeing founder, embracing the welcoming and the challenging sides of personal development. My vision is to empower you for who you truly are.

Born and raised in Germany by Vietnamese parents, I now work and live in London, UK. My backgrounds range from family restaurant during teenage years, business studies sponsored by scholarships, and corporate life in Frankfurt / London. Coaching complements my professional and personal skills. Moreover, coaching allows me to partner with individuals and witness their growth in their lives. 

My philosophy is that everything starts with us - if I can inspire and support people (you!) in the deepest sense, I hope this will lead to a radical revolution of the world :) 

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Influences to my work include

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Explore Life With Me

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Experience Life

Create your life with your true self - as a qualified coach, I am here to support you to make this change, with you in the driver`s seat.


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Listen to Life

Listen to my amazing Podcast guests who welcome us to expand our horizons, think outside the box, and learn new colours of life.

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Reflect on Life

Follow my #mindfulmagic Mondays series to learn new perspectives on life and take actions together.

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“You are here to be yourself.”