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Join our #magicmonday community

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The #magicmonday community is a wonderful space to start the week feeling appreciative and in peace. Linh creates a unique mix of self-awareness and being seen that makes your energy relax and boost, allowing you to start the week in a very inspiring way and mood.

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Linh is an empathic and fabulous coach. She catches her clients where they are right now. It's so magic to see her compassion for development and spirituality. She wants to see us shining :) Thanks for your being!

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The format is great for people looking to have a “mindful” start into the week. It is a great mix of reflection, meditation and simply meeting like-minded people with completely different professional or cultural backgrounds. I highly recommend it!

Upcoming Events

  • #magicmonday | Meditation
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, 13 Feb
    13 Feb, 20:00 – 21:00 CET
    Start your week with magic by doing something for your soul, just like going to the gym. We calm our mind, cleanse negativity, and find our inner peace & strength. #magicmonday | Meditation is a space where we meditate together to start the week with an energy boost - donations are welcome ❤

“We can only create a future with each other.”

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