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3 Take-aways from Decluttering with Marie Kondo (esp. for winter lockdown)

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

"The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past." - Marie Kondo

For those of you who have not come across Marie Kondo yet - she is a Japanese superstar teaching the world how to declutter your home gracefully, efficiently, and sustainably. Admittedly, I have never read her book because I was wondering how theory could help me in this "dry" topic (tyding up your room), but because of this Kondo phenomemon, I eventually watched her Netflix documentary, which was not only easier to digest, but also revealing to this moment I am writing this post (I have watched this months ago, maybe even before the Corona outbreak).

Here are 3 reasons why you may benefit from dealing with Marie Kondo, esp. during winter lockdown, when we spend most of our times in our home:

1. Keep what makes you happy and say goodbye to the rest in gratitude

I was amazed by this simple, yet effective "rule" that makes decision-making so easy and total sense! Kondo advises us to pick up an object (e.g. cloth, photo, book, ...) and ask only one question, "Does this make me happy?" If yes, keep! If no, say thank you and goodbye. This simple question avoids us from being trapped in the decision-making process we all know - "this dress was in sale!", "these shoes I can wear for a special occassion", "this book may be useful in the future", "this was expensive, I can`t give it away!", etc., etc. While you think all these reasons may be valid, if we want to make our life simpler and more "feng-shui" compliant, just go for what makes you happy. At the end, it is all about your wellbeing and happiness - to create a home that makes you feel home, nourishes your soul, and helps you recharge, instead of being reminded (unconsciously) of this object that you paid too much for. Don`t also think too much about it, trust this process which has your wellbeing at heart! I can ensure you, you will not miss the objects that were hidden somewhere in your place anyway. The other remaining key part is to express gratitude to the objects you do give away - so "thank you, pullover, for having kept me warm", "thank you, book, for inviting me into a new world", "thank you, pan, for all the scrambled eggs I could make". Life is in flow, give and take, so make sure you release good energy, too.

2. Give every object its place (and space) it deserves.

Kondo introduces a particular folding technique, which, for example, allows not only for more space, but also for the shirts to be displayed in a drawer, rather than putting each one on top of the other, thus, leaving us guessing what other shirts are hidden below. The philosophy behind this is to grant every object its space it deserves - no object, if it makes us happy, deserves to be hidden (and forgotten). Following this advice also helps us naturally declutter from things that may be redundant.

3. Use your happiness compass when shopping.

After decluttering your home and feeling this new energy in your home as well as in yourself (yay!), use this guiding question, "Does this make me happy?", when you go shopping (i.e. before you add any further objects to your home). As shopping plays with other motivational drivers (e.g. self-esteem, instant gratification), be honest when answering "Does this make me (truly) happy?" rather than dreaming "I would look awesome in this dress (even if it itches)". Bonus: What I like to add here, too (from another Japanese coach), is to say "Arigato" / "Thank you" with every purchase acknowledging the fact that you are able to afford this object (buzz word: money mindset).

Now enjoy decluttering and creating your home that supports your wellbeing!

How happy are you with your home? Let me know by sending an email to – I would be very keen to hear your views! :) PS: Subscribe to my Newsletter to stay in touch for any upcoming posts and news :)


This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth

  • Reflection: How can I make my home more "homey" for winter lockdown?

  • Intention: I appreciate every object in my home that I am using, was able to purchase, and have benefitted from in one or the other way :)

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