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3 Ways To Tap Into Mindfulness Magic

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

"Meet every person as if you have met them the first time in this very present moment."

I attended another session of the amazing "Playing Big" programme by Tara Mohr and although it was just a Q&A and not a group Coaching session, it was another fruitful evening spent with amazing women. It is incredible how we can learn from each other as soon as we dare to open up, share our stories, and realize that we are not the only ones and are often stronger than we think.

I am amazed by how deep and insightful Tara Mohr herself is as a woman and coach. Whenever my fellow participants asked their questions, I - not so mindfully - assumed that Tara would repeat the content of the course curriculum. And of course, she did, but only where it fits, and which still didn`t stop her from sharing further precious gems. After what I had assumed would not be a so spectacular Q&A session, I felt inspired, in awe, and empowered. Let me share why:

1. Meet every person new in every present moment.

When we shared how we deal with difficult people or our own projections and judgments on other people, Tara gave a great insight building on the "Set Aside Prayer" from the 12-Step Recovery Programs, which goes like this:

"Lord, today help me set aside everything I think I know about you, everything I think I know about myself, everything I think I know about others, and everything I think I know about my own recovery - for a new experience in myself, a new experience in my fellows, and my own recovery."

We can take a lot of wisdom and inspiration from this "Set Aside Prayer". Tara invited us to meet a person with new eyes, just as the "Set Aside Prayer" would encourage us to.

2. You can connect with your values anytime and anywhere.

Whenever we have nailed down our values, this is a significant step in our life. Knowing our inner compass and our fuel of life is tremendously valuable and also existential for a healthy, happy, and whole life. However, knowing is often only half the mile, as the other half is about action. And this is where we can feel stuck - facing lack of time, or being convenient in our rut, or seeing only hurdles and excuses to really make a change in our lives that really would serve us.

For example, ever had a dream, but then thought you were either not qualified, good, or young/old enough? These are excuses from our Saboteur mind - that you can tell from the resulting negative feelings - to keep us safe (from emotional pain and unknown changes) and in our (actually uncomfortable) comfort zone. But rather than dealing with our fears (too much), we can focus more on and give more room to what fuels us. So if you have mindfully observed the fear around uncertainty or insecurity around a passion, let`s connect only one step further towards your values (a coach once asked "What is 1% of that dream you can do now?").

Besides enjoying the journey, Tara also taught us that we can actually connect with our values anytime and anywhere. I was amazed! For example, my values are (currently, as they naturally evolve) connection, authenticity, spirituality. I thought this mostly meant connecting with others, being authentic towards others, going to a temple outside. So rather than relying on external factors, I can actually already connect with my values when I, for example, take a shower, write this blog, or just am in this moment. So when I take a shower - I can connect with my body and water. I can be authentic in accepting my body and not wishing it to be otherwise. I can be spiritual in remembering that my body is home to my soul, that we are all connected, and that this present moment is my access to life.

3. "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" - Seth Godin

When I first read this question, I was hooked immediately (ignoring whether being hooked or not is good or bad). Of course, I liked the word play, but also how strongly and quickly the question triggers our thought process, just like what we have learned about powerful Coaching questions, too.

Tara also gives a valuable twist here, that, of course, the first moments, such as the first kiss, or the first exotic travel destination, or our first promotion, can be exhilarating, but these are not the only way to experience our first moments. In fact, we can have first moments anytime and anywhere, too. Tara even highlights that we human beings actually live for first moments, for learning and yearning. Seth also reported that whenever he asked that question, people would soon tear up.

So further precious moments can be - the first time of the day we take a warm sip of coffee, the first time we feel the sun on our neck, the first time we visit a webpage to learn more about a qualification, the first time we listen to our favorite song, the first time we are in this moment again. That`s the wonder of life - it always has a full stack of opportunities and moments for us to experience and enjoy life, to also connect with life during hardships, and find our ever-present golden source in ourselves.

Love, from me to you,


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  • Reflection: How can I see my life in new ways?

  • Intention: I come back to this moment, gently, repeatedly.

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