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Do you see the wonder in your life?

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up." - Stephen Hawking

I woke up this morning in a surprisingly blissful state, given I only slept 6 hours (which is less than my usual 8 hours), and while I celebrated this energy in the morning, it wasn`t until now that I realized my bliss actually lasted.

It may have already started yesterday when I couldn`t sleep in because I couldn`t believe how inspiring and nourishing the day had been. It was a mix of practicing mindfulness, that helps relish in the present moment being aware of negative thoughts and emotions to choose a more supportive perspective; being surrounded by the right people sharing similar values; and following your joy, curiosity, passions.

So having a full tank of positive emotions definitely helps, but I was aware of what else was going on this morning. When I woke up, it wasn`t accompanied by my usual negative fellows, i.e. thoughts or emotions, which may have been the result of my current Positive Intelligence work. Instead I heard birds chirping, I also touched my body gently (as I was curious whether this could help improve my body relationship, and I think it does :D), and took deep, conscious breaths. When I went on to the bathroom doing my usual activities (brushing teeth, applying skin care, taking a shower), I was aware of my mind waking up and grabbing for my attention. Noticing this, I just didn`t judge and always shifted my focus gently to my present moment. I was feeling like a nurturing and calm mom, who would see her children get crazy, but stay calm, centered, and loving. I didn`t judge myself for the many moments I got distracted - I knew that I was practicing my muscle which hasn`t been trained for years, and every present second was meaningful. Practicing mindfulness during this whole morning even allowed me to let my Higher Self voice speak, whispering "Hello beautiful, I hope you have a wonderful day. What a beautiful body you have, so strong, healthy, taking care of you."

When I returned to my room to do my morning routine (yoga, meditation, journalling), I was delighted by the orange sun rays that have taken over my room. The warmth expanded to my heart and I felt grateful for the beautiful weather today. For the birds singing in my ears. For the bed that kept my body warm over night. For the heater that didn`t let me freeze. For my notebook capturing my intimate thoughts and feelings. For my family who was waiting downstairs in our house. For my friends` messages of love and joy. For the day ahead with inspirations, connections, and growth. All of this I reflected in my morning pages, and now I am sitting here, sharing this with you today.

To show you that nothing major has to happen to enjoy the moment, to appreciate our life, to uplift our mood. We live in today`s world with a desperate focus on highlights and big events, although life is always with us, in front of us, embracing us. If we want to, we can always see a gift in this moment. We can explore and experience the wonders of life in any moment. Because life is a gift. It is a gift to be alive, irrespective of what is currently happening in our life. It is a gift to be human. Also in this special time. Time is passing by in our sand glass - so let`s enjoy every moment before it passes by. Learn to master your mind in judging or sabotaging the mind. Learn to use your power to fulfil your heart`s desires. Learn to love, yourself, the world, and life. Learn to learn, with curiosity. Learn to live, your life. :)

Do you notice the wonder right now, in this very moment? Let me know by sending an email to – I very look forward to hearing from you! :) PS: Subscribe to my #mindfulmagic Newsletter to stay in touch for upcoming posts, free offers, and news :)


This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: Dalai Lama - The Book of Joy

  • Reflection: How can I appreciate my life even more?

  • Intention: Whenever I get distracted or notice negative thoughts and emotions, I gently come back to this moment and see the wonder in my life.

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