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Every experience is an opportunity to learn more about us and life

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

"Every experience in your life is being orchestrated to teach you something you need to know to move forward."

Yesterday I had a crazy day - it started with big intentions, but then with some physical hiccups that came in between, then with one of the biggest laughs I haven`t had for a long time, and then with a blissful end of the day. The day was full of twists and turns, surprises and sunshine moments, annoyance and activities, that when I went to bed, I didn`t know what to make sense of.

But what I did notice during this rollercoaster ride of the day was that I was present to notice what was currently happening and how I was feeling. I am also celebrating that I did not judge myself for feeling annoyed or being slowed down by a surprising stomachache. I used this opportunity to practiced compassion with myself.

At one point of the day - which was eventually the turning point - I suddenly shifted into the observer mode and saw myself hustling through the day, trying to meet external expectations, although there was no such need to do so. When I realized my narrowed mindset because I was triggered by others` needs, I couldn`t stop laughing at myself. Yes, I was productive and learned a lot. I knew that the day gave me many opportunities to come back to my resourcefulness within and act from my inner peace and joy rather than what others wanted from me.

When I couldn´t stop laughing, it felt so liberating and joyful. It also showed me that sometimes in life, we can also take things more easily and with fun rather than with seriousness 24/7 (which also takes a lot of energy if you imagine staying serious all the time (which also is not our natural state)). The next peak of the day was when I gathered (virtually) with my Coaching friends and our host invited us - and gave us permission - to listen to a snippet of music and let our body move and freely paint on a white canvas. We would then answer some journalling questions at the end and share our experiences.

This exercise was just 6min of our 60min webinar, but it was so refreshing and relaxing. All participants felt joyful, content, grateful - to be able to connect with our creative and childish selves again. And I still remember when I first listened to that piece of music, how my body instantly and joyfully relaxed and gave in to the present moment. Personally, this exercise brought me somehow to beautiful Paris during a late summer evening. People would sit around, listen to musicians on the street, and I was with my beloved partner enjoying our time together. It was a blissful moment and I knew I had felt this before (even without having met my beloved partner).

This short creative experience showed me that we have so many resources, experiences, and emotions in our inner treasure that we can draw from. Often we think we lack answers or guidance or clarity on our life and next steps - but actually we have everything we need, in us. If this sounds too cliché for you, make this experiment by yourself :) just turn on some music (ideally that you don`t know by just opening a random Spotify playlist) and give yourself permission to go with whatever emerges. Notice any judgments that this may be foolish or that you don`t have time for this - trust me, we all can carve out 5min of the day, which is also a good practice to commit to our own wellbeing.

"The icing on the cake" - building on my resonant energy since my laugh of the day - was a spontaneous catch-up call with a long-time friend. It was a really lovely, nourishing, and expansive conversation - we just went with the flow of our conversation, not knowing and pushing for a particular direction. We talked about romantic relationships, work, family, celebrities - it was such a nice experience to be able to share and to also listen to someone else`s life and views on things. I felt grateful for this spontaenous event and ending of the day.

I guess what I am trying to say, by sharing my entire day with you (:D), is that a day of our lifetime can bring so many opportunities for us to experience life, learn more about ourselves, and expand our horizons - if we are mindful, aware, and compassionate with ourselves and others. A day of life - and life as a whole - can be like a surprise bag with many, many gifts and wonders, and also challenges like in a gym - we only have to work on our consciousness and perception to decide how we want to engage with life.

Love, from me to you,



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  • Inspiration: Brene Brown - Daring Greatly

  • Reflection: What is life showing me right now?

  • Intention: I go through the day being present, curious, and compassionate.

Viet Linh Le is a female visionary, qualified coach with corporate experience, and multi-cultural founder of @vietnamwellbeing, with the mission to change our world by coaching the next-generation decision-makers. Find out more on

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