How hardships can shake you up to find yourself and your journey

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

“If we never fell down, we would never [learn to] walk.” – [Linh`s insertion in brackets :)]

Thank you everyone dearly for each of your messages, wishes, and words – although I am still learning to accept acknowledging feedback, I was caught by surprise by your support. I really did not expect this, as my intention was primarily to put my Coaching offer out into this world to support unique individuals in their personal journeys. Speaking from my heart: Thank you, it really means a lot to me, and it was great to see how we are all connected across the world and stages in our lives. May you be safe, healthy, loved, and happy.

Many of you asked how my Coaching journey has unfolded and what Coaching is about. I almost now take Coaching as given as the principles, we coach by, are already an integral part of my life. I am more than happy to share my story, to also show that life does not only consist of highlights, but also frustrating, disoriented, lonely moments. They are the moments during which you define the trajectory of your life – by deciding how you deal with them.

The journey of self-discovery is always personal – there is no right or wrong, no timeline, no manual (despite what many “personal development offers” may say).

It can be intense, emotional, nerve-wrecking, but also revealing, fulfilling, and transforming. But enough talking – welcome to my story and why I believe in Coaching! (I realized it is a long story to read at once, so I split this into two parts :))

It may be a myth, but I did have a quarter-life crisis. I believe there are many triggering moments and past events that led to this, such as constantly studying, working and striving for more, esp. when you are young and “personal development” / “life coaching” was not a thing yet. At some point, things seem to only get harder called by lot of change out of my control (good thing to remind yourself of when practicing mindfulness, but perhaps more in a separate blog post).

I moved from Frankfurt to London and while it was a dream coming true, it was an intense time starting sort of from scratch, alone in a new country, finding new friends, settling in. Then, many organizational changes happened affecting my work. I was judging myself that I was still not past a painful heartbreak.

And on top of it all, there was a lingering feeling that something was somehow missing.

Whenever I felt the tendency to complain, I almost immediately called myself to stop and to be more grateful. So I introduced a daily meditation routine writing down three things to be grateful for. While this tool significantly shifts how you see things, I could not deny that something still felt missing in me. I initiated and pitched many projects around personal development, I talked to many people and asked my mentors for advice, I consulted with my family and friends – yet, nothing could quite close the hole I felt.

Although I started to follow my inner yearning or heart if you want to call it (not quite understanding what it really was and where it was leading to), the (looooong) journey can include people who do not understand and/or believe in you, feelings of loneliness and hopelessness, and both successes and failures. Despite all these hurdles, I knew something had to change, so I just kept going and did what I had learned served me well – being honest with myself and following the joy. Many of my close friends and mentors have already told me that I would make a good “coach” – I wasn`t sure (and still I may not be a “good coach” for some people) and had no idea what a coach is, what Coaching is really about, and whether this is just a trend.

Yet, one conversation stuck with me – it was with a coach introduced by one of my closest friends. What inspired me was her motivation to enrol in a Coaching training – she did it for herself without knowing whether she will run a business afterwards or whether she could apply it at all. I also didn`t know where I myself wanted to go, I only knew that I did not want to stay in this turmoil of my life any longer.

But what resonated with me most was the fact that she started with herself. I love Gandhi`s quote reminding us that

“if you want to change the world, start with yourself”.

I knew enough that I love people and the complexities as well as simplicities of life, I love personal development and mindfulness. So I ended up, after information sessions with different institutions and ignoring the fact that this also meant a huge financial investment for me, enrolling in a 6-month Coaching Training with CTI in London. Not in the slightest, could I have imagined that I would leave this training with a renewed, truer, stronger version of myself (and on top of this, meeting my CTI family!!)

Read more about how Coaching transformed my life next week in my #MindfulMagic series … subscribe to my Newsletter to stay in touch (I would be keen to hear what you learned from your hardest hardships)!


This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: The Gift of Forgiveness - Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

  • Reflection: What have I learned from the hardships in my life?

  • Intention: Share the gift of forgiveness with others and yourself - it may be more, it may be less, it may be today, it may be years from now. Take your time - it is your personal journey of forgiveness!