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How Surrender Can Help Us Really Go With The Flow

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

"Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand, and becoming comfortable with not knowing." - Eckhart Tolle

After I entered the winter season during my female cycle (you can learn more about the four seasons of our beautiful female cycles here), my mind, body, and soul were all over the place. When reflecting back, esp. my past blog articles, I realized that my body wanted to surrender (this is what the winter season is about), while my head wanted to cling on events before it got surrendered and was put at the back seat.

My mind revolting didn`t make my transition smooth at all. Instead of retreating and letting go, i.e. taking a break from everything, I kept working on my business, entertaining several people, and consuming input that I allowed to find its way to me. This was the exact opposite to what I was supposed to do in the winter (note there is no right or wrong, only a suggestion to be more in tune with your precious and wise body) - I learned from the Red School and my fellow coach friend, whose mission is to increase awareness of our female cycles to unleash our fullest potential, that during winter (as the name suggests), you retreat, let the snow fall down, and reflect on the past as well as the future.

"What do you want to give birth to?", "What is important for you?", "What do you want to let go?" can be questions you can contemplate to during this special week. It is a time during which you can go within, tap into your Universal source, and direct your life again to its right course. This phase is also an open and a clear invitation to go with your body, to go with nature, and let things be and flourish. You have done your best and given your all. It is now time to recharge during your "winter sleep".

The winter season doesn`t really mean that you totally turn inactive and passive, or that you should cancel all your meetings (although I actually do this :)). Knowing which season you are in just helps and supports you to use the natural forces that are particulary present during that season, so you are not going against, but more with the flow of life. As you can recall from your own experiences, it is the best feeling to be in tune with nature - imagine it like swimming in water, standing by the coast and feeling the air breathing behind you, or being surrounded by like-minded people that truly see you. You can call this vibrations, energies, or feelings - you definitely know when you are in line with yourself, attuned to this present moment.

So while I thought I could still work on my business, just with less interactions, I realized my body didn`t really like this having already carried me through a fulfilling, but intense week already. Because I didn`t have time to give myself all the love, nourishing, and time I myself deserved, too, I felt as if others kept draining my already empty tank.

As a result, it also took time until I reached a more balanced state. And here is where Surrender comes in. Instead of finding a quick fix to my unpleasant emotions or taking this state as given, I couldn´t help but just surrender to this moment. The ego revolted against this, but my soul knew this was just another e-motion "that shall pass, too", and that my winter season was probably only intensifying my emotions and hormones. I journalled. I meditated. I reached out. All these channels of expression, escapism, repression can be a way to channel your emotions and help you deal with them, step by step.

Now having these insights, I decided to keep surrendering. To be kind to myself, knowing that I am doing my best. To nourish myself, knowing that I have the power to take good care of me. To ask for help, knowing that connection always helps me shift my perception. As a result, I am now doing what I have been preaching the last days (e.g. "We are not human doings, we are human beings") - to really take a break and give myself permission to be. Whenever possible, without judgment, and whenever possible, with lots of self-care, self-love, and surrender. I hope that you, too, listen to your body before it has to call for your attention in a more alarming way. Your body loves you, so give back the same love to your body and yourself, too.

Love, from me to you,


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This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: Gabby Bernstein - Super Attractor

  • Reflection: How can I surrender to this moment?

  • Intention: I allow myself to be, without understanding, learning to be comfortable with not knowing.

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