How to deal with the outlook that Corona will be soon over

"There is nothing permanent except change." - Heraclitus

Change is in the air. Not only is summer around the corner, but also eased restrictions and potentially finally a new future without Corona.

Being mindful of my emotions and thoughts, I have to admit that I could feel a resistance of change - but not because I want to keep the status quo as this "new normal" is definitely not the natural way for us to live, without social and physical contact, with suspicion and fear towards each other. I am also aware that many people have lost their jobs, are away from their families, or have lost their loved ones due to the virus.

My resistance of change came more of, first of all, the natural part of clinging to the known. Sadly to say, the lockdown has been here for more than a year now that part of my body, mind, and soul got used to it and even though the life before the pandemic has been lived many years, there is just a natural, almost biological tendency to be hesitant about change first and its potential implications.

The second part of resistance I believe comes from me having set up a business for an online audience, knowing that we are all working and connecting from home. One concern was, if the world is opening up again, what does it mean for my webinars that I have created with heart and purpose? Will this still be needed? Will people get rid of Zoom right away? This I will need to observe and it may be part of being an entrepreneur to go with the flow of life and find out new ways to serve the right audience.

The third part of resistance is the outlook - I am a very spiritual and deep person, so although I miss hugging people and going to in-person events, I know that while life was busy before Corona, I was also unhappy and stressed. I even had once time off to go to the fanciest restaurants, visit exciting museums, or enjoy musicals - sometimes just by myself - but at some point, I also couldn`t really enjoy it. Not only because I was by myself (being by myself is not an issue for me), but because all these things are not things that fulfil me in my core being. For me, whenever the pandemic is over, it is not about being in crowds again, but about having deep connections with people. For me, vacations were also never an escape I needed from my dull job or daily life, I was happy and excided for the present moment already (and, of course, nevertheless, enjoyed travelling to see different parts of our world). And this is what also I see - there are people who have appreciated the slowness and the opportunity to re-connect with themselves. As soon as the world is turning faster again - will we fall back into our old habits or will we go out of this wiser?

This I realize no one knows and while we will have to see, how future will turn out, it is definitely in everyone`s hands to shape this future. Maybe people will need support in this transition or also wonder how they can bring the good moments of lockdown to the new phase - and this is where I can help. It is like being this old, mothering philosopher seeing their children play around until they come back to be nurtured, or cared for because they have hurt themselves, or just have a conversation for a distraction. As I have not been that affected by the fear that was caused during the pandemic - I was serious, alert, but also calm and present - I also learn that I let mindfulness guide me to this new, more exciting phase for all, too. It is living in balance - we can live in extreme, between full of fear and full of joy, or in balance, tipping into both extremes mindfullly.

To me, this perspective is hugely valuable because you may think you are the only one with your perspective on the pandemic, but you are not. Not everyone is in a (fulfilling) relationship. Not everyone on Instagram is truly content. Not everyone is happy at work, even it might look like they are successful. Nothing can look like it does from the outside and this is what I wish for humanity - to let intuition and their inner wisdom guide them through life, to be curious for others and life, to also have fun and live in joy, however the external circumstances may be.

Love, from me to you,


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