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How we can all acknowledge our female cycles more

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

"Don`t let your mind bully your body."

I woke up today, with headache, probably from my night`s sleep, but soon went on with my morning routine. I briefly watched after my little brother who is doing home schooling currently, and after I assured he was fine, I went back to my room and started to meditate. Usually I meditate without guidance, just putting on some soothing music from Spotify. This time, I also didn`t have any meditation objectives or expectations, except to just breathe, sink in, and allow my body and mind to rest. As expected, it was a hard time, so much was going on. My head still burned from the topics currently flying in my life. My thoughts were whirling like a tornado. But almost like a well-behaved student in mindfulness, I just let it all be, without judgments, even if this was very hard to be with.

After my meditation, I went for a very short run, to move my body and catch some fresh air. Having been inspired by Robin Sharma`s "5AM Club"`s 20/20/20 rule - 20min exercise, 20min introspection, 20min learning - I am trying to do this every morning (although not (yet) at 5am or often the 20min learning laggered to the afternoon). Shortly after my run, it happened. I felt energized from the cold air and movements my body could made, but as soon as I entered the door of our home, I felt dizzy and I knew immediately what was going on.

For more than a year now (still too late, unfortunately), I have learned more about my body, that is to say, my female body. The female body has many special sides and gifts, and often also a monthly menstrual cycle. Now one part of you may feel disgusted (blame society) or surprised that I bring up this topic, but - being inspired by one of my friends advocating menstrual awareness and empowerment - I want to contribute to this topic being normal and crucial to integrate into our lives. And it is normal - it is part of the female body! I don`t understand why people feel disgusted only because blood is coming out of your body - if people would think two seconds longer, the menstrual cycle is a gift to help create lives and preserve humanity. But our patriarchal society or also women`s own inclination to secrecy has contributed to the status quo - while there is so much wisdom and value in going with our menstrual cycles, both for men and women.

You can say that the menstrual cycle consists of 4 seasons - winter (the week of menstruation), spring, summer (the week of ovulation), and autumn. As the season suggests, our body is also following the season`s natural characteristics. That is, in winter, it is a great time to retreat, rest, and let go (the motto is "Surrender"). In spring, you slowly get back to your energy, with gentleness and curiosity (the motto here is "Cherish Yourself"). Summer is the highlight of our menstrual cycle with the ovulation and represents a time where we often feel best, expansive, and full of creation (the motto here is "Self Celebration"). Then autumn arrives, with a slow-down as preparation for the winter, the other milestone of our menstrual cycle (the motto here is "Holding Yourself"). You can find much more in the Red School:

This morning, I was starting to enter the winter, that often comes with initial dizzyness and confusion as my body is about to change. Rather than resisting what was already here and being concerned about all the plans I wanted to execute for the day (and week), I chose to follow my body and allowed my body to gently rest and surrender. So today, I was mostly lying in my bed, reading (until I fell asleep), and was lucky that an appointment got rescheduled (often in winter, it is recommended to reduce the interactions you have with others to really go into full retreat if possible). What`s next is a webinar I am hosting for a community this evening to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. This morning, when I felt I was about to vomit (is this the morning sickness pregnant women are talking about?), I pleaded to God out of desperation and said I would cancel this meeting. But I remember my dear friend, who is advocating for more awareness of the menstrual cycle, saying that while in winter, it would be best to retreat (and sometimes we just do have appointments we cannot cancel), every season has its superpower and we can focus on that during the particular season. So winter for me is about acceptance and calmness, so I will try to create this space for my community later this evening, as opposed to be the overwhelmingly exiced host, knowing that each day and side of us has a special quality, that is just right.

Let`s embrace our body, our feminity, and help each other - women and men - to be more in tune with our body, that is full of wisdom, love, and strength for us.

How is your relationship with your body? Let me know by sending an email to – I would very look forward to hearing from you! :) PS: Subscribe to my Newsletter to stay in touch for upcoming posts and news :)


This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: Louise Hay - You Can Heal Your Life

  • Reflection: How can I show my body even more love?

  • Intention: Every morning and evening, I check in with my body to see what it needs, without judgment.

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