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How you can start writing to relieve your soul

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

“The most important thing that anyone's ever said to me, that if you're going to be an artist then you must make your work your best friend, in other words you can go through whatever you're feeling, you're feeling tired, you're feeling bored, you're feeling happy, you're feeling randy, whatever you're feeling, go to your work and have a conversation with it. So that's how I live my life.
Time, as one gets a little older, time is all one has, and I feel most alive when I'm in the studio trying to make something. I think an artist's best way of giving love is through their work.
I think the discipline if you draw every day, it becomes like breathing. Drawing being like handwriting, you know, the most intimate thing one does." - Maggi Hambling, from a conversation with Grayson Perry on Grayson's Art Club

I was part of an online community called "London Writers' Salon" that meets every morning at 8am London time. The concept is straightforward - writers (authors, bloggers, journalists, poets, ...) come together to create a joint space to write together. The organizers would read some words of wisdom (s. the starting quote) and ask for the group`s intentions, so what we want to write about today. Then we would put ourselves on mute and start writing, with or without camera on. So it is a great community of writers, who are familiar with potential writing blockages, to support and hold each other accountable.

Writing has always been part of my life. What I couldn`t express with my words, I could so with writing. Often I feel as if the Universe is co-creating with me, esp. when I write with my heart. After a misunderstanding with a friend, I would write a letter. When I left Frankfurt, I would write letters. When I give presents to my friends, I love writing small notes attached to them. When I send emails, you can expect messages with love instead of short prompts. When I feel sad, angry, or disconnected, I would write down my thoughts and release all my emotions. Writing is part of my morning routine. Writing is also where I connect with you through my blog or newsletter. When I write, I also often don`t have particular expectations or requirements. Our world today is so full of expectations and rational logic already, that writing is my way to express freely, how I want. Writing connects me to the realm of creativity, a sacred field, within me.

Why can writing be of benefit to you?

1. Writing can help you get out of your absorbing mind

We often know these moments when we seem to be trapped in our thoughts. One (often negative) thought comes in, and this attracts four more other negative thoughts. Soon we not only feel down, but also struggle to get out of the spiral of thoughts. Yes, there are mindfulness tricks, such as breathing or observing the thoughts as an outsider, but sometimes it is also about the need to express ourselves. So writing down all what is going on in your mind can be a vehicle to do so. Don`t censor or sugarcoat, just release your pain down on paper without thinking too much. It could look like this:

"I hate him! How could he to this to me, again? Cancelling our meetings always on short notice, without apology, as he doesn`t care about me! He is also not replying to my messages. Why is he giving me mixed signals? Doesn`t he want a serious relationship? Only fun? Is this how he sees me? ..."

However it looks like, it is key to not judge what is going on. This exercise is primarily about releasing and giving part of yourself freedom and room to get out. You will soon feel lighter and the state you were in will change, from which you can decide on any next actions (likely honestly communicating your needs rather than retaliating immediately).

2. Writing can help you tap into your creative potential

I know, some people like writing, some painting, some crafting. So while writing may not be your favorite art activity to do, writing remains a way of communication (as can be painting, crafting, singing). With writing you can communicate with yourself, with a higher force ("Universe", "God", ...), and with others. It also doesn`t have to be the Nobel-prize winning piece of poetry, but you can share a loving message, short or long, with yourself or everyone. For example, instead of

"Hey, all good?"

You can write

"Hey [name], how have you been lately?"

This message is not longer than you had intended, but it can make a difference to the receiver. It is your creative potential that you can tap into to make a difference with your writing style, choice of words, and messages that you often cannot take back.

3. Writing pauses and opens up

In today`s tech-driven world, we are all glued to our smart phones and electronical devices. Our attention span has shrinked immensely, such that media, given the information overload, has made us used to read catchy and short headlines only. We are all bombarded with messages and emails from everywhere that some people built up the skill to read only every third word. Even on social media, it seems no one has time to read longer captions even if written with heart. While we cannot control how the information from outside find their ways to us, we can choose how we want to decide to read them.

Writing is a way to help us take a break and come to this very moment. We can only write in the present - even if our mind is agitated with thoughts flying around, writing can only happen now, not before or after. People often suggest to do gratitude or intention setting in writing as it would then be more intimate than just writing down on your phone. See what works for you and explore these three different opportunities that can open up with writing.

Is writing part of your life? Let me know by sending an email to – I very look forward to hearing from you! :) PS: Subscribe to my #mindfulmagic Newsletter to stay in touch for upcoming posts, free offers, and news :)


This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: Rhonda Byrne - The Secret

  • Reflection: How can I use writing to release my thoughts and emotions?

  • Intention: I choose my words mindfully, as I cannot take them back.

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