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Lead From Within, Lead From Your Heart

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

"Don`t be pushed around by fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart." - Roy T. Bennett

My dear friend,

Whenever you feel stuck, come back to your heart.

I know when you wake up, your mind wanders and starts racing. Your mind wonders whether this will work, how your day will be like, what you need to take care of.

I know there are also just bad days sometimes, when you want to pull the blanket over you, hide from the world, maybe turn on Netflix to think of something else or have some company, even if only through the screen.

I know those moments when you feel self-doubts are taking over, you feel not beautiful at all, or still looking for answers to your burning questions. "Will I ever meet the right one?" "Will I ever be successful?" "Will I ever settle down?" "Will I ever be happy?"

Whenever you feel there is no hope or wonder whether you will ever enjoy the flow of life, just notice the thoughts as what they are. Thoughts. They often don`t tell the truth, just stories that we are used to listen to. Like listening to a radio, we have forgotten that there are other channels to switch and listen to. That it is actually us that can turn off the radio and even replace the old-fashioned device.

Yes, maybe we have become used to that radio and music station. Maybe we have even become emotionally attached to it. At the end, our radio has always accompanied us through various situations in life. It has become sort of a friend, to not feel the silence of loneliness or the nothingness of boredom.

But let me tell you, my friend, you are not alone. You have never been. And those lonely, sad, dark moments - we all have. (Even if you think others don`t, they do and may just not have told or shown you :)). You have something treasurable, that has been with you since the day you are born. It has been beaten for you since you got the first catch of breath. And it is also working for you now, as it has always been without you maybe noticing it.

Yes, I am talking about your heart. Your heart beats for you to be alive. For you to experience life. For you to create whatever you want to manifest on our beautiful planet. Your heart knows you best and also feels what is best for you. Your heart talks to you, gives you signs, nudges you. Your heart forgives and never resents. Even if you have been side-tracked by your mind, your heart is still there, ready to hold you. Hug you. Kiss you. Embrace you with love that you cannot even imagine. Your heart wants to see you thrive. Live with your fullest potential. Dare and take a leap of faith. Because your heart is here, always with you, it wonders, what could ever go wrong, if you two were already together. Your heart knows a ton about fun. How to make you laugh out loud. How to make you smile. Your heart loves. It loves. Loves. Even if you had experienced disappointments or rejections, your heart still loves. Nothing can stop your heart from loving, esp. loving you. It is your heart`s reason being, purpose, and favorite thing on the world. To love you. In every moment, just as you are. No matter what. Your heart loves you.

Love also from me to you,


Do you know that your heart loves you? Let me know by sending an email to – I very look forward to hearing from you! :) PS: Subscribe to my #mindfulmagic Newsletter to stay in touch for upcoming posts, free offers, and news :)

  • Inspiration: Sarah Blondin - Learning To Surrender (Guided Meditation)

  • Reflection: What is my heart telling me?

  • Intention: Whenever I am taken by my thoughts, I find my way back to my heart.

Viet Linh Le is a female visionary, qualified coach with corporate experience, and life warrior, with the mission to change our world by coaching the next-generation decision-makers.

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