Let Your Heart Guide You (For Your Mind To Follow Suit)

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

"You only need to do one thing. Wake up every morning and choose love." - Jay Shetty

I woke up this morning, noticing my thoughts racing and, this time, worrying about my future, also triggered by my family`s fears during the pandemic. Practicing mindfulness, I just observed this sensation and phenomemon in my mind with effects on my emotional and phyiscal health (meaning being put down by the negative thoughts).

This time asking myself "Is this thought helpful?" couldn`t do the magic because my mind could get my family`s fears on job security during uncertain pandemic times. So while this thought may be helpful on my cognitive level, it wasn`t on my emotional level. My worries started to cling to new thoughts, such as what next steps I should take for more job security, how to adjust my current priorities, and how my life would look like in the future. But the longer I dwelled on these thoughts, the more disconnected I felt in my heart.

I know, of course, that there are bills to be paid and money can enable us do certain things for us as well as others. But having been in a corporate job for a while, until it even has taken a toll on me, I know that job security, at least for me in my current life stage, is not my core nutrient for a fulfilled life. I appreciate the money that can provide me with a roof over my head, food to nourish my body, and all other benefits. However, over time, if your core values are not met, just like in a relationship, you will soon feel drained on all levels - emotionally, mentally, physically - with, unfortunately, further negative effects on all other areas of your life, such as relationships or even your passions.

Having brought all these counter-arguments to mind - along with trusting life that it has somehow always catered to me in retrospect - hasn`t helped me make my shift yet, which is fine given sometimes our emotional and mental processes can take time. However, I was keen to tackle this knowing that we are what we think, so I meditated to Sarah Blondin`s guided meditation on "Remembering Trust".

Going within, listening to Sarah`s soothing voice, and letting my heart speak again fuelled my entire body and being. I knew I was coming back to my core, my natural essence. With faith in the Universe and my life. That every choice I had made was leading me to growth, and that I can always choose anew again. I could feel the Universe supporting and loving me, for who I am right now and where I am right now. It didn`t really matter where I am going - although the Universe may have a tendency to see me thrive on my journey of heart - the Universe is always besides me.

Having mentioned my Inner Child meditation last time, I also recalled my Childhood picture, showing a happy and exciting Linh. What would she want? What do I want for her? I definitely don`t want her to worry, nor end up on the street. But I believe in her talents and skills, that are both in and outside her. She has everything she needs to succeed in life and create her life, that makes her truly happy. I knew that I didn`t want to put young Linh to a prison again, limiting her talents, dimming her light, and seeing her vanish with time passing by. It is my responsiblity, commitment, and deepest wish to make conscious decisions that serve her. I want to stay loyal to her. This is the least I can give her.

So what does leading with your heart mean? That it is your heart that shall guide you, so your mind can follow and help execute the dreams of your heart. Often it is the other way around, and naturally when we manage to put our mind at the back seat, the mind can revolt, making it only more difficult for us to commit to our heart. If this is (likely) the case, be compassionate with yourself and the interplay between your heart and mind. Both your heart and mind want only the best for you, per their own understanding. Because your mind may have excessively reign over your life until now, you can assure your mind that you are doing ok and it is alright to slow down a bit.

Last tip of tips: Whenever you notice that you are trapped in the past or the future, you know that it is an invitation to come back to this present moment, to your heart beating for you right now. Whenever we are wandering through the past or future, the only thing that is often there is suffering. The past is something we cannot change - we can only learn from it, and it is enough to learn from it once (obviously sometimes we learn something new with time). The future is also not here yet, and while our present decisions can shape our future, the best thing we can do is exactly that - focus on the present, where you make your decisions, ideally with your heart.

Love, from me to you,


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  • Inspiration: Sarah Blondin - Remembering Trust (Guided Meditation)

  • Reflection: What does my heart need?

  • Intention: I honour myself by honouring my own love language.

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