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Money is everywhere

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

"Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver." - Ayn Rand

Before Christmas, I basically decided for an experiment - to adjust my lifesytyle, and with it my mindset, and see how it goes. I wanted to find out where else I could save money - I would say I generally have a conscious money behavior, but I also know if you want to increase your disposable income, there are three ways - increase your current income, find additional income streams, or reduce your expenses.

So how have I tried to reduce my expenses?

  • Instead of Uber (and I call myself an "Uber" girl!), I took the train or bus (still avoiding the tube given the current circumstances).

  • I avoid going into shops (there are so many cute shops here in London!).

  • I replaced Deliveroo by learning to cook, with Deliciously Ella and buying from the groceries.

  • I don`t send gifts to various people anymore (I know it sounds sad) if I know they wouldn`t appreciate my gesture, as the past has shown.

  • I don`t look for things in my flat to fix, replace, or purchase.

  • I checked the items I kept storing in the corner of my room, to avoid buying something similar.

  • I turn on our heater only in urgent cases (when I am freezing and unable to do anything!).

  • I am generally conscious of where my money flows, in and out.

What I have learned are manyfold:

  • Yes, taking the Uber is convenient, less crowded, and calmer. But I also thought it would get me to the destination faster - and this was not always the case! For some trips, Uber may be a quicker solution, but taking the train or bus (incl. the walks in and out) is almost the same, adding potentially max. 5 more minutes. While still watching for social distancing, it was also nice to be among people again. This saved me probably GBP 10 per day.

  • Avoiding the shops is really effective of not shopping (random stuff you only think you need). This saved me a lot!

  • Learning to cook and nourish myself has probably been one of my best discoveries during Corona time - I really love it and would never have imagined it! You would always see me eating out, buying for take-away, and having in the fridge either instant meals or plain vanilla items (like pasta). It is also true that it can be fulfilling to know what you put in your body and, at the same time, to create something new and delicious for all your senses. Take your time in case you also learn to introduce this new habit - I can ensure you it can be a lot of fun (and you can listen to a podcast or music to make it a nice ambience :)). This saved me probably GBP 20 per day.

  • Knowing in which relationships I invest in is a valuable insight and channel for your energy as well as attention. In the past, I would usually enjoy surprising various people (not only closest friends) with books sent via Amazon. I know this is generally a nice gesture and it is also not about receiving something in return, but it is also about setting boundaries - still with a big heart, while it doesn`t mean you have to spread material values. This saved me probably GBP 20 per month.

  • Not looking for something to fix or replace eases your mind and makes you grateful for what you already have. You can be happy with less or what currently is! Yes, I would love to have a fancier kitchen, but I have been happy with our current kitchen, too :) This saved me probably GBP 50 per quarter.

  • Do you know this moment when you buy something because you think it is missing, but then realize it was just hidden at the back of your room? De-cluttering our room can be physically and spiritually liberating - so know what is going on in your home! This saved me probably GBP 20 per month.

  • As long as I don`t risk my health, I can cuddle myself with an additional blanket, scarf, or thicker clothes (or people ;)) at home. What I also realized - when I cook, I also get warmer :-) This saved me probably much, too.

  • My new perception of where my money goes and comes in made me realize how abundant I have been living, spending my money whenever I wanted. By teaching myself to not always act on my instinct to purchase (to probably feel better about myself), I realized how grateful we can be to have money for all the things that we can already afford today. And these can be small things - like a dentist appointment, a tongue scraper (yep, I bought one after Jay Shetty`s wife advice), or a book (I guess we can all relate to buying books to just add them to our existing pile :)).

That`s why money is already everywhere, even if we think there is not enough - money has created the life you are currently living, in some parts without you fully realizing. So let`s be grateful for what we already have, while we invite more abundance into our lives.

How can you find ways to be more efficient with your expenses? Let me know by sending an email to – I would be very keen to hear your views! :) PS: Subscribe to my Newsletter to stay in touch for any upcoming posts and news :)


This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: Natascha Wegelin - Madame Moneypenny

  • Reflection: What is my current relationship with money?

  • Intention: I am aware of my money flows, in and out.

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