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My first experiences with "A Course in Miracles"

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

“My thoughts do not mean anything.” - From "A Course in Miracles"

Since the start of my personal development journey years ago, I have often come across the book "A Course in Mircales", which is often referred to by many spiritual teachers. I remember one day I immediately ordered this book on Amazon to only realize that "A Course in Miracles" is like a spiritual bible with many thin pages and small letters. Admittedly, I had difficulties to understand the massive metaphysical text having expected the inspirational quotes those spiritual teachers had been sharing.

Soon, I put the "bible" on the side, but always next to my bed to sort of honor the significance and meaning of this book full of wisdoms, truth, and depth. It wasn`t until lockdown when I finished reading all my books that I was ready to turn to "A Course in Miracles" again. I decided to order a manual version of "A Course in Miracles" that promised to be brief and practical with a short (but deep) lesson for each day.

Without surprise, when I started reading the lessons for the first few days, I understood the message, but still it was confusing and too abstract to me. But as the Course said, I just explored with an open mind and curiosity. It wasn`t until I read the lesson for today, when something in me started to click. Today`s lesson read:

"My thoughts do not mean anything." (Note: Please read and interpret this lesson only with "A Course in Miracles" at hand.)

The Course also provides a short description and instruction, and for this, it says that we all know what negative thoughts do with us. They put a veil onto our sight (on life) and, not to mention, pull us down in our energy and mood. Now the new thing I learned was that the Course also asks us to apply this lessson - "My thoughts do not mean anything." - also to positive thoughts. The rationale was that also those positive thoughts stand in between us and the truth. So it seems that also our positive thoughts somehow hold us back or don`t show the real reality, whatever reality there may be (as we often hold our own reality as the only true one).

We can think of this like wearing rose-colored glasses (to exaggerate a bit) - if we are in love, we only see the good sides of our crush. Until we have to wake up and often change our rose-colored glasses to black-colored glasses. But what if we don`t wear any glasses and just see the crush just as they are? What if we not only focus on the good things in life, but are just in this moment of life without thinking and judging anything? What if we are fine with a quiet mind (or at least not paying attention to our chattering mind) and just witness this person, this situation, this activity with all our five senses?

I tried this briefly this morning and from reading the Course lesson, I shifted to really seeing the book, its texture, other objects, such as a plant or a desk, just as they are. I soon felt as if I was seeing the realer reality, the truer truth, the naked nakedness. It was somehow refreshing and liberating - to not be dominated or occupied by the mind, but really be in alignment or even union with everything around you. Spiritual teachers often speak about "being one" with life, which also breaks our current concept of separateness that causes today`s suffering and pain. Even though this moment was very brief within a few seconds, I felt transformed having been able to experience a deep moment of alignment within and outside me.

Love, from me to you,


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