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My Top 5 routines for a diverse and rich inner world :)

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

“The other sun and the moon bow for you.” From Beyoncé's "Keys to the Kingdom"

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If you have Disney+, I can highly recommend Beyoncé`s movie “Black Is King”, which is her modern interpretation of Lion King. Not only was it so nourishing to see all the beautiful countries, waterfalls, and cultures before Corona, but also very inspiring to get in touch with Beyoncé`s female, expressive, and spiritual artistry. I watched it many times over since the first time and cannot stop listening to the soundtrack, esp. the beautiful song “Keys to the Kingdom”. This movie reminded me of how rich and colourful this world is, and while we are currently restricted in traveling, we can always make sure that our own worlds remain diverse and vibrant.

I don`t necessarily mean to now read novels, watch documentaries, or do virtual tours, although this definitely helps as Disney+ shows to me, but what we can always do is to look at our lives with new eyes – even if we think we do the same things (e.g. sleep, eat, work ;)). We have so many sides in us that want to be expressed – be they of artistic, physical, or emotional nature. Every person also is a new opportunity to create a new life path – whether a personal, professional, or neutral one. Every situation teaches something about us – what gives us joy, what calls for our attention, what still has to heal. Every day is a 24 hour gift to cherish that you are alive, to learn something new, or to just be here in the moment (e.g. like me with Disney+ ;)).

I know it sounds cliché, but I can personally confirm that gratitude with mindfulness can shift things in your life. Here are my Top 5 Routines to create my own diverse and vibrant world – as your inner world will be reflected in what you experience in your (outer) life :)

1. Morning Routine (Meditation + Journaling + Reading)

I don`t start at 5am and it is not my very first thing in the morning (;)), but I do take time for a meditation, ideally 30min. If I didn`t get enough sleep, and sleep is very important for me and my body, then I adjust my meditation to 5 or 15min, but in any case, I will always meditate. This is my moment to connect with my inner world, to be in silence before the day starts and before others want something from you. I also learned that in silence often creative ideas, insights, or intentions can rise up.

(If you are interested, I adapted my meditation following Joe Dispenza`s concept – to start with a body scan, then acknowledge all your thoughts and your willingness to transform them, and end with a visualisation of your dreams). After my meditation, I journal in my notebook with gratitude, intentions, and affirmations. I then read one page per day of Iyanla Vanzant`s wonderful book “Acts of Faith”, which has one inspirational page per day.

2. Mindfulness

As soon as work starts, I know that many things can happen – people and situations can change anytime, in unexpected ways. You have to be flexible, mindful (in the moment), and at the same time, focused and do your job, sometimes under time pressure juggling various expectations. My magic tool is Mindfulness. To be present in meetings, being aware when my thoughts wander around. Be aware when I open, read, respond to emails while I was about to finish something else. Be aware what people and situations may trigger in me. Be aware how I am doing, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Be aware that I do as best as I can, and same for others. Be aware of what I need to work effectively.

Update – I added another mini routine, which I currently enjoy: Before work starts, I write down what I am grateful for at work specifically. When the day ends, I write down what I celebrate. :)

3. 5min Highlight Meditation

This tip I read in another article and I wanted to give it a try – to not only take a break and not only a meditation break, but to take a break to actually visualize your happiest moments in life. It really works miracles as this can shift your energies, but I realized that even a mini break during the day has turned out to be difficult for me – so discipline is required!

4. After-work Highlight

While I much enjoy work, I am also a very curious person with many interests, and it helps to have these scheduled to keep your different interests and sides of you addressed (I even had moments where I was so nourished after an after-work activity that I got back to work again :D). This can also include friends’ meet-ups, gym, anything that helps you to release and/or recharge. For me, it also means “non-activity” days, e.g. chillaxing with yourself or partner. Actually, these days are among my most favourite ones – to just have time to do whatever you want to do. So be aware that scheduling your favourite activities on every free day may also be counterproductive.

5. Evening Routine (Mirror + Journaling + Reading)

If am not too tired, I seem to sleep better with my evening routine, which consists of a potentially awkward mirror moment. This mirror exercise is my current experiment to see how it goes and what effect it has on me – to say things to yourself in a mirror as you would to your best friend or your child. This increases your own relationship with yourself based on self-acceptance and counter-balances your strong inner critic. Journaling is another element, when I thank the day and celebrate my successes. Last but not least, I read a book, often on Personal Development, to smoothly enter into the world of dreams :)

These are my current routines, based on personal experiences and try-and-error, so I can only encourage you to try what works best for you and what you need most! :)

What are your Top 5 routines to create your own inner, supporting world? :) Let me know by sending an email to – I would be very keen to hear your views! :) PS: Subscribe to my Newsletter to stay in touch for any upcoming posts and news :)


This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: Beyoncé – Black Is King

  • Reflection: What routines have you established to support you? Which ones do you want to change?

  • Intention: Which side of me have I not expressed (fully) yet? Can I find a time to finally do what I always wanted to … even if it is only one step forward? :)

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