New Beginnings :)

Updated: 5 days ago

And suddenly you know ... It`s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

Today is my first day back writing! I took a break from writing or at least blogging for more than a year - so much has happened since then.

I travelled through Europe.

I explored the areas around London where I lived.

I healed my family wounds.

I learned a lot about friendships.

I grew in my femininity and sexuality.

I opened up towards men.

I brought out my Wild Woman.

I met many new and old friends.

I read spiritual books.

I laughed.

I cried.

I was frustrated.

I was hopeless.

I was down.

I was sad.

I was resentful.

I was hopeful.

I was trusting.

I was loving.

I practiced compassion.

I trained being in the present - with all that was.

I listened to new music of indie and soul.

I solved fights and conflicts.

I forgave.

I moved on.

I planned.

I went for it.

I had fun.

I exercised.

I accepted my body as it has been.

I felt gratitude.

I slept well.

I dreamt intense dreams.

I attended a silent retreat.

I completed my Reiki I and II training.

I went dancing.

I indulged in delicious food.

I looked up to the stars at night.

I was speechless during an open-air cinema night.

I tried out new fashion items.

I focused less on my ego and self.

I pondered on deep questions.

I looked at the past and wondered about the future.

I grew my understanding towards my hard-working parents.

I connected with strangers from different backgrounds, ages, cultures.

I had flashbacks.

I followed a butterfly during a wide, vast field.

I hiked endless treks in Switzerland.

I got caught on the train without a valid ticket.

I got asked for a date.

I saw our German chancellor.

I connected with magic of life.

I lived in the present trying to embrace it all.

I am writing this ... with so much more to come.

What have you been up to? What is next for you? What have you learned?

Much love as always x