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"One word, one action, one thought can reduce another person`s suffering & bring that person joy."

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Today`s times are indeed special, unprecedented, and personal for each of us. While the whole world has been seemingly "put on hold", each one of us makes their own unique experience of social distancing, self-isolation, and staying home. Some of us have lost their jobs or worry about their next pay. Some of us don`t know when they see their loved ones again. Some of us are told to be more alert because we may be at risk. Some of us find more time to spend with their family, while juggling work at home. Some of us have time to launch their passion projects. Whatever the personal experience is, what is common among us is the fact that COVID-19 has impacted us all, in one or the other personal way.

What comes on top of this, is, amongst many, the current rise of needed discussions on racism, history, and lives that matter. (Having experienced racism myself and given the importance and complexity of this topic, I may cover this in a separate dedicated blog post.) The world seems to have reached a point with more uncertainty and fear than never ("Will there be a second / third wave?", "Is this the "new normal?", "When will I be able to see my family again?").

All and more questions are absolutely valid, natural, and human. We often gain insights and perspectives because of these questions. I fully acknowledge that each of our experiences may be unique and personal. I also understand that some have far greater challenges than others. This is not a competition or comparison of pain. Comparing one`s situation to another will not change the situation and may only manifest the view and state of our situation. I would, therefore, like to invite you to learn a new perspective and tool as your inner resource, that you can use to navigate through these times and your life going forward.

Whatever it is you are dealing with - one (or two :)) question you can always ask is: "What am I learning and what can I do now?" I don`t talk about tomorrow or after Corona, I really mean now. In this very moment - while you are reading this (or frankly after you have finished reading this :)). This is one key principle of Mindfulness - to shift your focus away from the "situation" (external) to "yourself" (internal). Right now - what can you change? What can you influence? Where can you have an impact? The answer and room of possibilities are right in front of you. We don`t know what tomorrow may bring (could anyone have predicted this world pandemic?), but you can explore what is available to you now.

Let`s be clear that "doing something" now can look very different for each of us. Actions can be both loud and quiet, both bigger and smaller steps, both a habit or a thought (e.g. focusing on what we can be grateful for). It may mean to take a nap to recharge. Or do nothing because we frankly just feel overwhelmed. It can mean to ask for help, to reach out. Or to take the leap and do this courageous thing. Whatever it is - it can be. You can be. One step after another. It is your pace and your life.

I know I am not re-inventing the wheel right now and you may miss a big "aha" moment. This is only a key reminder coming from my heart and having sensed current energies of people and society. A reminder of your existing inner resources, a treasure of infinite tools (which may be unwrapped over time), to help you navigate through these special, or any, times. In this particular special time, we are also all in the same boat. While you know best what serves you well and I know what serves me well, we can best support each other and grow stronger as well as wiser out of this together.


This week`s ....

  • Inspiration: Thich Nhat Hanh - The Art of Living

  • Reflection: What is available to me right now?

  • Intention: Allow myself to be and to take it step by step.

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