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Testing the 5AM Club`s 20/20/20 Rule

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

"Take excellent care of the front end of your day, and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Own your morning, elevate your life." - Robin Sharma

I thought I had my morning routine set until I came across the 5AM Club. I have heard of the 5AM Club before, but dismissed it quickly thinking it was just another promoted 5am morning routine that will boost our day and life. Also having been on a "be-as-productive-as-possible" rail for the last five years at work, I didn`t want to extend this attitude into my private life, where I also give myself permission to just be and create my day as I wish.

But after weeks of waking up late (often due to the fact that nighttime turned out to be a sacred time for myself when the whole world is asleep), I realized a "saboteur" voice whenever I woke up late that I already missed a third of the day. So I decided something had to change if I don`t want to wake up with a negative and judgmental thought every morning.

During a coaching session with my own coach (which was not about routines), my coach, probably following her intuition, suggested to me to get to know Robin Sharma, the author and founder of the 5AM Club. At first reluctant, I gave in because I fully trust my coach and am generally open to explore before I close a door. Soon I followed Robin Sharma`s Instagram, subscribed to his Newsletter, and also read his free copy "The World-Changer`s Manifesto" (you can find out more here: I wasn`t too impressed by his Instagram or interview led by my favorite Jay Shetty. But I was captivated and intrigued by his e-book "The World-Changer`s Manifesto". While the title didn`t convince me, I read it anyway as part of my nighttime pastime, and the first pages already spoke to my heart.

In his manifesto, Robin has 30+ short chapters for 30+ pieces of wisdoms, how to basically lead a more fulfilled and authentic life, based also on his own coaching experiences. I loved how the short chapters were easy to read, how I could learn something new despite the common messages we all seem to get nowadays, and how Robin made the wisdoms more visceral with real-life examples and stories. I soon recommended his book to my circle of friends. It was in his manifesto, that Robin naturally referred to his 5AM Club phenomenon. He explained, also during the interview with Jay Shetty, his 20/20/20 rule:

  • 20min exercise

  • 20min planning

  • 20min learning

I loved this distinct rule covering all three aspects of the body, soul, and mind. It also addresses the flaws I have detected in my previous morning routine, that I was not exercising or moving my body enough (esp. during lockdown), that I seem to meditate too long without any incremental benefit (my head chiming in here wanting to see immediate results), and that I somehow only manage to read and learn during nighttime when I think I finally have time for myself. While I still cannot get up at 5am (Robin`s rationale is that we wake up before the rest of the world does (I also believe there may generally be an ayurvedic benefit in waking up with the sun)), I have managed to wake up at 7am instead of hours later. Depending on the weather and my body`s needs, I now go for morning runs or do yoga indoors. I now meditate for 20min only, but for a deep and succinct journey. Last but not least, I am able to read for outside inspiration, which always nourishes my soul and expands my mind immediately.

Long story short, I can reallly recommend the 20/20/20 rule without having read the 5AM Club book. It is just a suggestion and framework - you still have the power to decide and create the specific activities that you want to do per 20min slots. For example, you may want to do dancing or weight lifting for exercise, you may want to journal or actively plan your day for the planning section, and you may want to paint and be creative in your own way for the learning part. From my personal experience, I can assure you that this routine not only sets up your day and gives you a fresh start, but also a feeling of achievement early in the morning. You are increasing both your willpower and wellbeing - what more do you want to start a precious day? :)

What is your morning routine? Let me know by sending an email to – I would very look forward to hearing from you! :) PS: Subscribe to my Newsletter to stay in touch for upcoming posts and news :)


This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: Monika Kanokova - This Year Will Be Different

  • Reflection: What morning routine can serve me and my day?

  • Intention: Every morning, I take time for my own wellbeing - be it exercise, introspection, or inspiration.

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