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We are human beings, not human doings

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

"There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns." - Edward de Bono

As I shared with you yesterday on how I needed time to recharge and relax my body after a fulfilling, but intense week, many other inspirations and learnings found their way to me. My realizations only could emerge because I allowed myself to slow down and let things happen. It was that I also remembered for today`s blog post that we are human beings, not human doings. But somehow we all behave like we are human doings by nature, and even feel uncomfortable to be human beings, even if just for one minute.

To help you get back to our true nature and leverage all resources that are in your life, here are my three learnings after my day of relaxation and time off for you:

1. The more "doing" you did, the more "being" you need

As already anticipated yesterday, we often drag ourselves to the weekend until we really give ourselves permission to have a break (because others will be unavailable or silent, too). The more we do than what our body can and wants to, the more time we need to fully charge our battery. It is just like our phone battery - if it is shown "yellow", we may still push further until it is alarmingly "red" or even until our phone shuts down completely, before we charge our phone. The less battery the phone had before, the longer we have to wait until our phone is ready to be used again or do bigger, more consuming tasks, such as watching a movie.

The difference here is that it is us who can put our phone to the charging station, and everything will be fine. But do we have someone else who looks after us as soon as our own battery dies? Yes, perhaps our family, friends, or partners - but they also have their own batteries to look after. Moreover, you know your own operating system, running apps, and upcoming events best, so it is also you who takes care of the battery as well as is the battery itself. My intention yesterday was to definitely have a break, but then progress on my work - but when I turned on my laptop, I realized how tired my body still was, how my mind was not awake to think, create, and make strategic decisions. This is when I realized, I have to remain aware of my battery throughout the week, so I can also fully enjoy the weekend.

2. Having down-time is necessary - to process your achievements and let inspirations flow

I was so busy last week, attending my online Portfolio Career course (with (hugely valuable) calls every day and homework), blogging every day here with you, doing home-schooling, launching a Vietnam Wellbeing webinar, coaching my incredible clients, and starting another online programme on positive intelligence. It all was truly fulfilling and I was proud of my progress, but I barely had time to reflect on my findings, learnings, and realizations.

One of my mentors told me once that we need the weekends or vacations, too, to not only relax, but also absorb the inspirations and content we consume, to let these sink and work. It is similar to reading a book and reflect on it when finished (what I, however, rarely do as I am too curious to start delving into a new book). It was when I had my time off yesterday that I could enjoy reading a book with an open end, that I coud appreciate even more the last week of fulfilment, and that I had the realizations on being and doing that I can share with you now.

3. Inspiration can come from anywhere even if it feels unproductive

While I was about to finish reading my current book "Super Attractor" by Gabby Bernstein, I could suddenly hardly keep my eyes open. I knew my body was tired, but I also knew one part of me wanted to read and develop further rather than binge-watching Netflix. However, I wanted to stay awake, so I checked what the streaming providers had to offer. I used to love watching movies because I would not only be impressed by the creative process of manifesting such a film, but also I believe images, esp. moving images, can be very powerful to expand our hoizon or feel particular emotions. I love Marvel, so I was curious to watch "WandaVision", a new series based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney+ releases a new episode every week, so currently there were three episodes to watch.

It was amazing! Not only to be immersed in a superhero world again, but also because it was truly creative, fun, and intriguing to watch (lots of cliffhangers and questions for the audience). Even when writing about it today for you, I am still captivated by the creation of this series, the characters, and the plot, and I look forward to the next episode on January 29! Watching or consuming other creative work can stimulate your own creativity, too. I know that our Saboteur in our mind may condemn our inclination to watch Netflix or do nothing, while we could work on something. In this instance, we can calm our Saboteur reminding ourselves that we are good enough and we deserve time to "be". And yes, even if you like watching cat videos or fun TikTok snaps, that`s fine, too - humour and positive vibes attract good energy and charge your battery, too. Don`t judge yourself and do your activities in balance, and everything will be alright :)

Have you noticed how down-time can suddenly create creativity and inspiration for you? Let me know by sending an email to – I very look forward to hearing from you! :)PS: Subscribe to my #mindfulmagicNewsletterto stay in touch for upcoming posts, free offers, and news :)


This week`s ...

  • Inspiration: Gabby Bernstein - Super Attractor

  • Reflection: What brings me joy in my down-time?

  • Intention: I park my judgments when I do want to watch Netflix or do nothing.

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