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What if ... everything turns out well, or even better?

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

"You don`t become what you want, you become what you believe." - Oprah Winfrey

Dear friend,

How was your weekend? I hope you had a nourishing weekend, and I send you love for this week ahead!

Yesterday night - also thanks to a great conversation with a mindful friend - I got a glimpse into a realization, that I need to share with you, before it gets lost :-)

It may be that because of me taking a conscious break that something else could emerge, a tender ray of light, a gentle sense of knowing. If we are so worried about everything - whether we will meet our partner, whether we will settle somewhere in a beautiful home, whether we will make it - we are rather adding pain to our pain and are invited to change our world inside to manifest the future we want. Because ... what if everything turns out well ... or even better?

I can clearly see this inviting perspective and want to explore it, give it more room, put it somehow into stone. I love this option. Yes, what if everything turns out well, or even better? Who had said that all of our worries will become true (unless if people say what you think will define your life)? Who excluded the possiblity right away that there wouldn`t be a silver lining, a gift, or even a magnificent surprise waiting for us? Yes, there are people who try to, unconsciously or consciously, put us down, but who said that we have to believe them, esp. if they don`t live the lives they want to live? Who said that all our dreams would not come true?

In fact - NO ONE!

And yes, you may counter-argue, but I am sure that because of our negative bias, we may have unconsciously looked out for the negative signs confirming our bias. For example, whenever we talk to our friends, I may feel like it is difficult for them to express that they genuinely believe that we would meet our partner at some point in our lives. Maybe there are multiple reasons or they were themselves unhappy in their single lives or relationships, but it can be a rebellious act to have faith in our romantic lives given media and society suggest something is inherently wrong with us. Even if all of these may be true, if we are honest with ourselves, we ourselves may also have doubts - in ourselves and in the prospects of our future lives. And because our belief is influencing our perceptions, emotions, and behavior, of course, when we hear other` doubts or insecurities, even if slightly or potentially, our own doubts and insecurity get more easily triggered than our faith, that is still work in progress.

But now something seems to change or at least, wants to change. We are invited to explore and adopt another perspective, that opens our horizons and fields of possibilities. It also improves the quality of our lives, knowing that everything is and will be well. That we can just also enjoy this moment, while I know our future will unfold for the greatest good and love that we are already experiencing now. It is an invitation to not immediately believe in those Saboteur thoughts that inhabit our minds, but also pause and question them - like who said that this would (not) materialize?! We decide what we want to believe in - and it doesn`t mean that we go into this blindly. Of course, we need to respond to feedback accordingly, e.g. if someone doesn`t reply repeatedly for a long time, we may let this go compassionately. We can respond in a way that empowers, loves, and supports us - this is a rebellious act, I know. But a necessary one for our world!

Love, from me to you,


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  • Inspiration: Young Women`s Trust - No Woman Left Behind

  • Reflection: What if ... everything turns out well, or even better? :)

  • Intention: I contemplate on the option that everything may turn out well, or even better :)

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