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What role do you have in your own movie? (Final Part III)

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

"It`s not what you look at that matters, it`s what you see." - Henry David Thoreau

Hope you have been all well, beautiful people!

Apologies, things have been busy on my end, for you :) we have launched #magicmondays for you to join us every Monday to train our mindfulness muscle together and start every new week with magic :)

We have been also launching our new website with all community events at one glance on - you are most welcome to join and share with your Vietnamese friends!

But now, on a sunny, calm Friday, I also would like to dedicate this time to one of my favorite things - writing for you. Writing about life. Writing that heals. Writing that shares stories, insights, wisdoms.

I know that I owe you a final part of my blog series "What role do you have in your own movie?" - we have looked at your role as the director, we have looked at your role as the main actor, and today we are looking at your role as the audience or the viewer.

When you think of watching a movie, there are different tastes and preferences that we go into a movie with. Sometimes we want to watch the most thrilling thriller to scare us off, sometimes a casual romcom will do. Whatever movie we are currently into, every movie will also have their own way to spark our interests, evoke emotions, and convey messages.

If you ever watched a movie by Quentin Tarantino, for example, you know that Tarantino is a versatile director placing lots of references to his favorite old movies he used to grow up with. He also seems to be a foot fetish, so you will likely always see a scene with bare feet. Tarantino is also known for his writing, music, and also violence. Before I grew more sensitve, I used to love Tarantino`s movies, more from an artistic point of view than pure entertainment. His movies were unique, different, and intriguing.

What I want to say is that even one Tarantino movie alone can evoke so many impressions that different viewers will pay attention to different things. While I may be captivated by his story telling, others may be more fascinated by his always well selected actors. Also a movie can focus on many messages - when I think back to "Inglorious Basterds", I remember the opening scene very well where Christopher Waltz executed a Jewish family without any hesitation. Others may get reflective thinking of how else the history of German National Socialism could have also turned out. While Second World War II movies can be quite violent, I appreciate them in showing a reality that was true for many not so long ago.

Bringing it back from Tarantino to your real life - from what angle are you currently looking at your life? What perspectives are you often (trapped) in? Do you see the gift and opportunity in every situation and encounter? Or do you often feel defeated building unfairness and stress with whatever life has to offer? Do you focus only on the negative sides of things, or do you at least try to find the good (after a time of acknowledging our negative feelings)?

There is an often used quote that says - "It is not about what happens to you, but how you react to them". So how do you see your current life? How do you see your past? How do you see your future?

Be mindful, curious, and compassionate - whatever there is, let it be. Only with awareness, we can decide for another perspective that may serve us better. Let me show you with examples of my life:

  • This past painful heartbreak? A catalyst for my personal growth and wake-up call for self-love and a unique opportunity to experience pain that allows me to be compassionate with others

  • This identity crisis as a German/Vietnamese? A drive to now offer Vietnam Wellbeing for all my fellow Vietnamese people, who are going through the same

  • This chapter at work? A redirection to my purpose and fufilment in life, also a unique opportunity to learn the importance of mental health, environment, and the societal perception of work

Of course, all these wisdoms took time for me with often an emotional roller-coaster. But at the end, if you are mindful and have a supportive network (like the Life Is Here community :)), I trust that you can grow stronger, wiser, and more authentic out of any situation.

Love, from me to you,


Would you like to go deeper in a free Coaching session? Let me know by sending an email to – I very look forward to hearing from you! PS: Subscribe to my #mindfulmagic Newsletter and join our #magicmonday Community events :)

  • Inspiration: London Buddhist Centre

  • Reflection: What do I think of my life?

  • Intention: I acknowledge my current perspective and choose one that serves me well.

Viet Linh Le is a female visionary, qualified coach with corporate experience, and multi-cultural founder of @vietnamwellbeing, with the mission to change our world by coaching the next-generation decision-makers. Find out more on

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