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What role do you have in your own movie? (Part II)

"You are the creator of your own destiny."

After Part I of "What role do you have in your own movie?", where we looked at the role of the director of your movie, it is now time to look at the role of the main protagonist itself. We are the main character of our own big picture - it is us who makes experiences in life, with a main cast or other supporting "actors". It is us who gets ready for work, while music is playing in the background (I imagined myself in this scene while I was walking to work in London :)). It is us who has to juggle several balls across family, work, and life, while growing from challenges.

If you think of a movie, the story outline is often clear and common - so common that it is followed by almost every movie, without us getting bored by it. Which story line do I mean? It is the one story where we follow the hero or heroine as they master one challenge after the next. Often the hero is assigned to achieve a particular task or follow a mission, that is often way too big for them. But as they choose courage, integrity, and good-heartedness, they meet unexpected supporters and grow with every challenge into their best version, that they couldn`t envision at the start of the journey.

What is the story line of your current movie? Where are you currently in your movie - at the start of a big journey, already courageously on your journey, or enjoying a challenge that you have mastered? Looking at your life that way can give you a bigger context to calm, motivate, or strengthen you.

2. As the main protagonist: Which hero story would you like to tell?

Sometimes when something bad has happened, we feel hurt, disappointed, angry. Often it is a victim position we take, feeling unfairness and resentments towards life: "Why did this happen to me (again)?", "Why always me?", "When will this finally be over?" It is definitely alright and needed to feel our emotions - remember: "e-motions" aka energy (that wants to be) in motion. So please feel and express your feelings, even if negative or uncomfortable - you can do so with friends, family, or professional help, such as a coach or a therapist.

When you get past this stage - what story is it that you want to tell your audience? Do you want to stay in this negative spiral of thoughts and emotions, or inspire others how you managed to grow from a challenge with wisdom and strength? Do you want to help others by showing a way how to deal with your problems?

Another way you can look at this: Imagine you are writing a book. What a captivating and fascinating book it would be because you encountered this challenge! If you feel you are getting only rejections when applying for a job until you get one yes (hello, Walt Disney and Joanne K. Rowling) - what an amazing story about your persistence and vision! If you feel you have always had disappointing dating experiences until you do meet your partner - what an amazing story about the path towards your true match! If you feel you are faced with challenges, surprises, and problems every other day - what an amazing story about your resilience and achievements to date!

There are always so many ways to tell a story - and the great thing about it: You decide how the story will go! You decide how the story will end. You decide how the story will make a surprising turn or lead to another sequel. Yes, sometimes life throws us unexpected things, so do the director, producer, fans. But it is you who plays the main part in this story - you know the character best because you are the main character, and you can decide how you want to bring this character`s story to life.

Stay tuned for the last part of "What role do you have in your own movie?" to learn more about the role of the audience ...

Love, from me to you,


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