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When you home-school your little one and suddenly learn new things, too

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

"Learning is a constant process of discovery - a process without end." - Bruce Lee

During lockdown school has been closed in Germany, so my little brother has had online lessons in select subjects, such as Maths, French, and Music. So the situation soon took a toll on me (kudos to all working and single parents!) because you try to home-school your little brother as best as you can (you just feel this huge responsibility for these young souls) and on the side, for example, write an important blog post as best as you can. Clearly, you are neither focused on one thing, and are drained by doing both things. (I know writing a blog post may not sound so pressing urgent or important, but still it is relevant for me and my business.)

This all changed when my brother had an upcoming oral exam in French. It was like this big appointment that we had to prepare for, and since I also love French, I was, of course, committed to help my brother. While we were studying the vocabularies, I realized that if we can all bring in more fun and interactions, then the things we have to do are also much more enjoyable and insightful. I could tell that my little brother, who had been used to study by himself, enjoyed a new way of learning, with another person who also enjoyed studying herself.

Since seeing my brother opening up more and flourishing in his online classes - with his teachers also noticing his positive development - I myself also got hooked, motivated, and admittedly felt fulfilled. I am not sure whether it is about seeing my brother engaged, or because I love supporting others, or because studying together also meant spending more time consciously together. I also learned that instead of resisting, in this case, the need to home-school my little brother, I could just have accepted and surrendered earlier, which would have made my life easier and less stressful. Also I could tell that letting go of resistance in one area of your life also lets you flow more easily in another. I am now much more relaxed, grateful, and centered when it comes to my writing (such as now :)) and projects.

I learned, as we already hear many times, it is indeed about the quality of time and not the quantity of time. While I was so stressed and panicked about the less time I seemed to have, the more I had to assume family responsibilities, I now realize that it is up on us how we deal with what we have. You can compare it with going on vacation - for weeks, you were desperately looking for vacation to relax and distance yourself from the busy, stressful, mundane life, but when on vacation, it may not only take time for you to actually arrive and "detox" from your online world, but you may also even continue checking your mails, not letting go of control and your expectations. And soon, your vacation is over, and your body, mind, and soul didn`t have a chance to recharge or gain new experiences or reflect on things.

In my "Positive Intelligence" training. I learned that we can always look from a Sage instead of a Saboteur perspective. The Sage would always see a gift in the opportunity, e.g. "What is the gift in home-schooling your brother?". And even though the above applies, such as spending more time with my little brother or learning new things myself (e.g. on Anne Frank or Hip Hop!), I am sure that this activity, relationship, and being of service in my family, has given me something - maybe nourishment or just general positive wellbeing - that is or will be of value, even if I don`t see it now. What I am trying to say is - as soon as you enjoy something, given you gave it a chance, just enjoy it, without overthinking.

Love, from me to you,


What have you learned about lockdown lifestyle? Let me know by sending an email to – I very look forward to hearing from you! :) PS: Subscribe to my #mindfulmagic Newsletter to stay in touch for upcoming posts, free offers, and news :)

  • Inspiration: Anne Frank House

  • Reflection: How can I increase the quality of what I have?

  • Intention: I bring in more consciousness in what I do, letting go of resistance and going with the flow.

Viet Linh Le is a female visionary, qualified coach with corporate experience, and multi-cultural founder of @vietnamwellbeing, with the mission to change our world by coaching the next-generation decision-makers. Find out more on

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