Why watching Marvel superhero movies can help me wind down and relax

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

"Part of the journey is the end ... everything`s going to work out exactly like it`s supposed to." - Tony Stark

With me during my autumn cycle, I have felt tired and exhausted. I also think it is because of lockdown fatigue and from looking too much and too long at the screen. So I took a conscious break (I would have fallen asleep on my computer anyway) and thought about what I could do to wind down. My first thought was reading a book, but I wanted to relax and not read another spiritual book for my inner work. I then rememember what I really enjoy - whether this is being considered sophisticated or not - watching movies, esp. Marvel`s superheroes. From Iron Man to Ant-Man, from Avengers to WandaVision, I have seen them all and seem to never get tired from them - I just love them!

I have always loved watching movies and been fascinated how various creative artists - meaning directors, camera crew, actors, editors, producers - come together to expand people`s horizons. I both believe in the power of words and images, and am impressed how moving pictures can convey a strong message and emotion. In the past, I would love thrillers, now I tend to watch more light-tough movies with a comedic touch, so that`s why Marvel movies are a great match.

I never understood why they resonated with me although these movies are now ones of the most successful movies to this date. Obviously, the overarching story line across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a range of famous actors, and sophisticated special effects all play a role. But let me look closer why these movies intrigue not only me after years, but also many millions other fans.

1. Marvel invites us to a new exciting world full of superheroes

While I also love the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, these movies are clearly of a darker touch, more violent, and more explicit. Marvel targets more the younger audience with their families, so the atmosphere we get from their movies are more human, real, and fun. They well merge the superhero Universe with the real world, playing in New York, San Francisco, or Germany. This gives us a feeling of closeness and allows us to escape from our mundane lives to a new exciting world, sometimes with aliens and other planets, but still relatable. At the end, the Avengers are heroes that protect us on earth.

2. Marvel allows us to dream of our own superhero powers

It is exciting when superheroes use their powers that go beyond our own human capabilities. I don´t only talk about flying, but basically powers that enhance our mental, emotional, and physical strength. Basically, they are an upgrade of our human set-up. I am catching myself, for example, how I am imagining myself having Wanda`s superpowers - to let things fly around, create conditions out of my creative mind, and just feel strong to push for my way if needed. I also love WonderWoman`s invincibility and strength, although she is not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe :-)

3. Marvel inspires us to see ourselves as part of humanity and the good

As with every superhero story, the protagonists face challenges to grow from until they are ready to fight their big game-changing battle. As I wrote yesterday, we can see ourselves as the superhero of our own lives - fighting battles, growing stronger, and winning the fight as the story`s hero. Marvel superheroes are often tasked to save the earth or even the universe. The higher purpose connects to our deepest self and wish to make a change. We all somehow can relate to fighting for the good, and watching the Marvel superheroes, it definitely looks easy and clear. But in real life, our lives may be disconnected from a higher purpose, so instead of growing into superheroes, we actually vanish to our smaller selves, forgetting about our superpowers. But where is bad, there is always good. This is basically the main theme of Star Wars, for example, too, showing that the good can only come forth when there is also the bad, the darkness, the evil. And in Star Wars, in particular, the good and the bad are even intertwined (s. the story of Darth Vader). So Marvel reminds us of the greater humanity and the presence of a good force - in us - that can withstand the bad forces.

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