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Let Coaching transform your life

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"What an incredible coaching journey I have ever had! When I was entangled with my thoughts about work, life, relationship and mental health, I met Linh.


She was one of the most trusted, empathic and super optimistic people I’ve ever met. Throughout our coaching journey, Linh helped me find the balance of work and life, the appreciation of relationships and faith in me. Linh made me feel that I matter and am a strong and independent woman.


I felt safe and not afraid of being judged when I opened up my feelings and emotions to her. To me, nothing is greater than being listened and understood.

Thank you so much, Linh."


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Viet Linh Le

Welcome, it`s a pleasure to meet you!

I'm Linh with lots of passions and curiosity - most of all, for people and life. I am a female visionary, qualified professional coach with corporate experience, and multi-cultural @vietnamwellbeing founder, embracing the welcoming and challenging sides of personal development. My vision is to empower you to be who you truly are. 

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“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”